Sand in Bottles Tells the Story of Camp this Year

The image above is the live-action object lesson of the Gospel message. The theme this year was “Pursue,” and the 3 basic questions we asked were the following:

“What are you pursuing?”
“Do these things ultimately fill you?”
“Are you willing to be filled by God who is pursing you relentlessly?”

Each night we built upon the idea of being filled by things of this world, and yet after all of our efforts, we still remain empty. The culmination came on night 3 when we revealed to the students that “The Great Plot Twist” of history is that God Himself is the one who has been pursuing us all along. He wants to fill us with His love, joy, goodness, and holiness. At which point, the heart-shaped jar (representing our unfulfilled hearts) was placed and filled within the jar labeled “Jesus.” Jesus wants to fill us and be our satisfaction.

The response by the students was encouraging: some students entrusted their hearts to Christ, some had more questions, and some wanted to deepen their trust in Him. The cabin times and conversations that followed were meaningful for our team. Each of our team members had opportunities to speak truth and life into our students after chapel.

The following nights were powerful as well. Night 4 was about allowing Jesus to empty us in order to fill us back up again. We talked about trusting Jesus with every dream, goal, and relationship in our lives, and allowing Him to shape these things and mold these things for our good. Some students said that this was the most important lesson of the week for them. The last night focused on 1 Timothy 6:11-12 which exhorts men and women of God to pursue righteousness. In the end, the Gospel fell on many open hearts.

Meet the Camp Family

This photo above is the German and American staff team. 30 of us served alongside each other to build relationships with the 65 high school students who attended Sprachcamp this year. It truly is a family!
GHFC Sprach Camp 2017 team: Duane Litz, Victoria Simmons, Brenna Westburg, Vivian Wilson, Bob Miller, and Megan Hotz

Even though we are home safe and sound, our hearts remain in Germany. How can an email or a conversation or even a book (for that matter!) tell of all that God did during this one week of ministry? Who knows how God will use this single week at camp to work deeper and greater things into the hearts of His children? All glory be to Him, and may we continue to be found qualified to remain in the calling He has placed on us. Thank you, once again- from the depths of my heart- for all of your prayers, support, and interest in Sprachcamp 2017.


Your fellow minister,
Duane Litz Jr.

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