Short Term: Ben and Josh Saucy

Written by Ben Saucy

Summer of 2017 was nothing short of a blessing for my brother and myself, Ben and Josh Saucy. We had the opportunity to be used by God in a mighty way through a, two month, short-term missions trip. We worked with an organization called Uncharted Waters Sports Ministry located in North Carolina. This organization partners with Churches to use sports to reach elementary aged kids for Christ. Although within the two-months, my brother and I were able to travel to four different states including Oklahoma, Ohio, Illinois and California. Within the two months, our team of five worked with 10 different Churches and over 820 elementary aged kids. Of those kids, 110 of them made first time commitments to follow Jesus. God is good!

However, in reflecting over the summer, there is one story that stands out as purely a blessing from the Lord. At the end of June, we were doing camp for a Church in Libertyville, Illinois in the Chicago area. While there was a boy named Vitaly who was Russian. He was a quiet boy, kept to himself but didn’t really talk to anyone even though he knew English. In growing up in Ukraine for 13 years, Josh and I became pretty well versed in the Russian language. So both of us, at one point, approach Vitaly and speak to him in his native heart language. His reaction when realizing we knew Russian was so ecstatic! He opened up like he had been wanting to the whole time, just needed the right people to who gave him the comfort he needed. So throughout the week he hardly ever left our side. Then, on the last day of camp, Vitaly’s mom came up to my brother and I and asked, “Are you Ben and Josh Saucy?” Turns out, her husband, Vitaly’s dad was one of our dads (Mark Saucy’s) first students in Ukraine back in 1995. In figuring this out, the mom proceeds to tell us that she had remembered our family well and that their family had been praying for our family especially recently during the recent passing our mom, Bonnie Saucy. It was so humbling hearing this from people we don’t even remember and really never knew. Absolutely encourage for both Josh and I to see the Lords caring hand reach across the country from people we didn’t even know. It was also amazing to see the complete circle of influence our family has had on theirs; starting with our dad ministering to Vitaly’s father in seminary to now my brother and I ministering to Vitaly across the world 12 years later. Only the Lord can orchestrate such a turn of events.

This was only one of the many stories that my brother and I brought home from the summer. Of course there were challenges and ups and downs, but it was stories like these and reaching kids for Christ that always trumped our times of weakness.

Ben and Josh with Vitaly and his family.

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