At The End of Your Rope

Written by Abby Sevens

Giving does so much to the heart. It makes us say, I have enough. God will give me more. This is His anyways. He can make it do good without me. He is the giver and He is the receiver. 

For the last seven years, my husband, Philip, and I have done Faith Promise in what I think is a non-typical way. We pledge an amount in October, and then we write the check for the full amount in January of the next year. Sometimes the writing of that check drains our bank account to an amount that makes us nervous. And while we could pull funds from our savings account to reimburse ourselves, we’ve decided to use this time to invite God into our finances. 

You see, God has blessed Philip with a steady job that financially meets all our needs. Unfortunately, this means that we quite often forget to talk to God about our daily needs. Seems that I, like the Israelites, have this inborn defect of not calling upon God unless I’m in trouble.

So every year after we write our Faith Promise check, we remember to ask God to meet all our financial needs. And He does. Always. 

One year, when I was still teaching at Heights Christian Junior High, I was overpaid for 8 months. Another year Jerry Stevens paid for a brake job on Philip’s car. Tax write-offs for the births of our son and daughter seemed to come at the right time. And this year: we had an influx of side jobs for Philip, the donation of valuable items for me to sell on ebay, and a new renter to live with us in our house.

In August of this year, Philip and I sat down to review our finances and we were surprised yet again to find that even after the cost of some expensive dental work, an anniversary trip to Catalina, and the children’s hefty school tuition, we still came out just fine. 

After such financial meetings, I always want to roll my eyes at myself. Why did I worry? Why did I ever fret? Why didn’t I remember to trust God with my finances? It’s questions like this that remind me that “You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule” (Matthew 5:3 The Message).



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