Have you heard the term, “unreached people groups” before?

Maybe you hear it and have questions on what it means?

Maybe you hear it and get excited to hear what new things you can learn about the world and how the gospel is spreading?

For those who have questions on it’s meaning, joshuaproject.net is a great resource to use for more information. Joshua Project, according to their websites, is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the fewest followers of Christ. In other words, unreached people groups are the people on earth who have yet to hear and fully embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Below is a map showing the progress from unreached to reached peoples throughout the world:

Progress Scale Map.png

Progress Scale Description.png

Here is a map highlighting where, in relation to unreached people groups, our missionaries are in the world:

Progress Scale Map Missionaries.png

We pray for God to move in the dark red areas of the map and we trust and believe in the Truth that He offers for all of humanity!


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