Devotional – Your Amazing Race

The challenge: “Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayer and request.” Ephesians 6:18

“The great tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer but unoffered prayer.” F. B. Meyer

A few years ago I read “Praying for Strangers” by River Jordan. She was challenged by God to make a New Year’s resolution to pray for one stranger every day. Although she didn’t consider herself particularly religious, she made the resolution. Among her strangers were a waitress, fellow shopper, truck driver and ticket taker. As she learned their names and stories, River was able to offer more than a shallow God-bless-what’s her (or his)-name but specific prayers to meet real needs. I’ve tried inconsistently to follow her resolution since then – praying for the protection of construction workers, a teen I see spending a lot of time alone and a driver waiting for a tow truck. We all have the opportunity to pray both for strangers we can see and also for those we can’t. For a true global challenge, visit (recommended by Dan Eitzen). You will receive a cultural and religious overview narrated by a native of a chosen country plus themes for prayer, all in three minutes. Who will God put on your pray-dar?

Written by Pam Carlson, GHFC Committee Member

One thought on “Devotional – Your Amazing Race

  1. Regarding Pam Carlson’s Devotional on Praying for strangers: Hey – I do that… sometimes. Sometimes you hear an ambulance, fire truck, see bad news on the TV or the Web, etc. Sometimes its someone at the store, on the road, along side the road. Who knows, that prayer of ours may result in help for that person. I also thank God for various people, like the mute man at Trader Joe’s at Colima and Whittier blvd, he always works such heart and is so personable to everyone even though he cannot speak.
    – dennis


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